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Artisan Name – Ali Luhar

Art – Copper bells

Ali Luhar of Nirona Kachachh designs our copper bells. He and his family have been associated with this craft for generations. Bells chimed their way into Kutch from Sindh centuries ago, tied to the necks of migrating cattle. The Villages of Nirona & Zura in Kutch are well known for the art of Bell Making. Our master artisan Ali Bhai hand casts every bell in a variety of shapes and sizes displayed singularly or in a group to perform musical functions. He says the sound of each bell is set with an instrument called ekal. The tonal quality and the resonating sound are dependent on three factors inherent to the making. The shape and size of the bell, along with the wooden thong sourced from the local Khirad tree determines the sound it imparts.

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